Corporate Responsibility


RM615 K

Donated to Orang Asli (2018)


tonnes CO2 Avoidance

RM130 K

Employee Training (2018)

G Capital Berhad is committed to build a sustainable, innovative and competitive marketplace that is receptive to the needs of our stakeholders and takes into consideration the key social issues to aid the formulation of best practices.

We believe that the positive impacts from the industry should be shared and felt by the community and stakeholders directly and indirectly stimulated by our growth in renewable energy.

“In 2018, a total of RM615,600 has been allocated and committed by our hydropower division for CSR to improve various Orang Asli communities within the State of Perak”

GCAP takes great care in ensuring that our small hydroelectric projects do not become a burden to the local communities. We believe that through these CSR initiatives, we can create long-term value for the community.